2015 Expo NOV 13th & NOV 14th
Friday Noon to 2am * Saturday 10am to 2am ALL AGES Share
200+ Pinball, Arcade & Console games on free play

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Terms and Conditions

It is our hope that we provide a consistent and enjoyable experience for all our guests. Our guests, as defined, are (any) and (all) that participate (vendors, staff, guests or otherwise) as well as the general public that attend this event. You are expected to exercise reasonable behavior for the greater good of the show and equal experience for all. The conditions set forth are here to strengthen that philosophy. Show management has every right and will exercise any and all actions necessary to support this belief All show contributors should be ready for business at the start of the show as defined by the show schedule

The Houston Arcade Expo show floor is a hands-on museum made up of equipment owned and maintained by private collectors. Much of it is antique, delicate and/or irreplaceable. You are welcome to play and enjoy the machines, but must be respectful with the machines and convention center property. No abuse will be tolerated.

Bring a game for a free pass, you must bring an arcade, pinball or console game (with monitor) to the show and PRE register it to get credit, if you do not PRE register your game you will not get credit for the weekend pass.

Vendors are solely responsible for the content of their booth(s), and the security of the goods and quality of the services provided. Vendors/Exhibitors are solely responsible for their game(s) and security.

Vendors placing games for sale/play within booth(s) and on the show floor, must make games easily accessible from the showroom aisles. Obstructions, such as tables and chairs in front of games within booths are prohibited.

The Houston Arcade Expo organizers (Houston Area Arcade Expo Organizers) are NOT RESPONSIBLE for loss of products or machines due to theft, damage, misuse, or Acts of God and/or Nature. The hotel will have on site security.

Vendors are recommended to have thier own liablity insurance, if there is an injury claim stemming from the vendors equipment or staff of the Vendor or individual that vendor or individual will be Liable.

For the safety of all, animals are not permitted in the show area

The Houston Arcade Expo cannot guarantee the attendance of special guests, speakers, Sponsors, and or vendors. The Houston Arcade Expo Cannot not be held liable for any expenses related to persons attending the show or missing the show entirely due to unseen circumstances.

Refunds of purchased admission(s) are available until Wednesday, October 29th, 2014. Please make requests in writing.

These terms and conditions are subject to modification any time.

To contact us by phone or fax:
Tel:  (713) 375-1801
Fax: (713) 979-0498

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