2015 Expo NOV 13th & NOV 14th
Friday Noon to 2am * Saturday 10am to 2am ALL AGES Share
200+ Pinball, Arcade & Console games on free play

Please visit our new web site! www.arcadecenter.com

Exhibitor Booths $150.00
Vendor Sponsor:
Booth sizes are from FREE if you bring 5 Pinball, Arcade, computer or console games Set up for Free play for the General Public,let us know how much space you need and what you will be selling!
this includes passes for you and the people who are working the booth and a few extra for your families.

Load in/out Information

Exhibitors Load in Information

Fill out the Form with what games you are bringing

Load-in instructions

Load-in for Exhibitors and people bringing games is as follows
12pm until 12am Thursday
9am until 12pm Friday
Your game needs to be there (even if you sell it) until the end of the show.
the Vendor Section will be locked up at 10pm each night
Load out is Either End of Show Saturday Night
(Depending on how may people are left we will stay open until 2am) or you can load out on Sunday starting about 9am until 5pm. You can bring games to sell, but they must be on free play and everyone must be able to play them Games must stay until load out times unless there is an emergency

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