Houston Arcae Expo 2006! Pics by Keith

eeek! another? Arcade doubles Chris Newsom / Pete Christia

Arcade doubles Chris Newsom / Pete Christia

Partners Arcade Callan Hendricks / Marco Castillo

Partners Arcade Callan Hendricks / Marco Castillo

Pitch & Bat Chris Newsom, man he is going to have to ship all those trophies

Show Champion Matt Buchholz GO MATT GO!

Wizard Arcade Dwight Weaver (Star Castle)

2006 Tournament Winners!

We are going to hang this up in the living room


Arcades stole my youth!

What ya say Garry?

the king pins talking shop


John wins! he wins something every year!

oooh the space invader is sooo dreamy

heheeh 'nuff said

Alll righty then!

fashion accessories

Father & Son, He wins a jamma board!

Calzillia, Charles in Charge, & Whole Wheat Keith live it up!

fuzz battle on joust pinball

You sunk my pinball!

heheh even the police drop in for fun

Ms pacman Fever!

part 2

Gorfness is next to loveness

they came in from mexico city, he loved it!

Sammmy Boy we love you!

Sammy & Cindy watching the freaks from the party next door! they have thier red hearts on!

Father & Son pinball junkies

Awwwwwww isn't that special

Sunday tear down came tooo soon

Calzilla entertaining the crowd


Hey who farted?

Hard work but what fun!

Load 'em up! move 'em out

YYYIIIIKKKEESSS!! everyone run!

Calzilla showin' us how it is done!

final farewells

Dan's ear heehhee

Ouchie, green tea & whiskey

empty final check

by John, sniff sniff till next year

Audio gear last to go

b-bye sniff sniff till next year

Final farewell, never to come back here again....

Keith is loaded up and ready to go

Bye scarey trash infested shed

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