Houston Arcae Expo 2006! Pics by Keith

ahh family outings while adventuring

Phil's SNK saw a lot of action

Love american style truer that the red white and bluuuue!

Man this is cooler than my xbox

I am a winner!

I won a shirt!

He is so dreamy *sigh*

The Quake Arcade game!

HEY Leggo my Eggo Shirt man!

this will go well in corporate monday morning

I won my fav CD from the back street boys

Hey Hey Hey! it's Sam the Man!

ahhh such a wonderful sight to behold

mega dittos


weee crazy camera shots

thats MR Hawthorn to you bud

fun at the front desk

My Hero!

Allright, when Cal gets real drunk we run in to his room and get him with the fire extinguisher!

Wow it is like 4am and John is still drinkn', wait a sec, so am I!

Good night sweet games :)

Arcade Boy Genius, rebuilds monitor at expo

need any Manuals?

John Attacks White Water with a hung over vengance

Callan awake! Joust pinball is working, this is a good day indeed

We have manuals for all occasions

oops need to put up the Joystix Banner

Good morning!

Father and Son Bonding

and again, you see it all through the show

Door prizes are me! and my black tee!

Cal gets down to bizness

and father daughter bonding 2

May My force be with you

awesome dude!


Sam the man in action! He can fix an arcade game with a piece of gum and a toothpick

Grandpappy of pinball


DEFCOM 3! Hurry!

Well you see, I shall will the pinball tourny

Dad did you really play this silly thing when you where a kid ;)

Woah! the pinball is floating in there

Collectables by Cindy & John

Hey Tim & Callan!

Callan can fix a game with a piece of lint and some spit

even more father son bonding

the grand kids will love these

I am the magic man

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