Houston Arcae Expo 2006! Pics by Keith

We won!

Indeed, I shall master this game and then take over the universe! mawhahaha

Dude I am not in Kansas any more

gulp, I am feeling sea sick (ask anyone who has played Quake Arcade)


Look babe, I got my name on the board!!!!

Wow Dad thats cool!

check that out!

Excellent shirt my friend!

Mame Discussion!


Alf is my friend

I have the Force too!

Go Cal Go!

Jayhova lost in thought

Bo & Family kickin' it

Wow I think he is part alien

Yeah, now I am sure of it

Ahh Fireball, my Fav

Pickin and grinin'

Darryl Brundage wins again

Hey Chris, a blue album for a blue shirt

Robert is coco for Haag expos

Mike looking kinda fuzzy

Magnium PI os SOOO FINE

Cal and his guns

Yeah! ooomph!

family fun!


Chuck is a winner!

Coool Shirt dude ;)

Trophy line up!

Christine Fisher Ladies Night Winner!

Tim looking tiny next to all of the trophies

Chris Newsom wins!

Chris Newsom Wins Again

hey Chris Newsom won again

Pinball Pete at the MC

Future Wizard Kevin Plavich

Future Wizard Kevin Plavich

Draw a Partner Tim Maleck / Eric Fisher

Draw a Partner Tim Maleck / Eric Fisher

Wait Chris Newsom wins yet again!

Chris's hands hurt at this point

and the winner is...

Modern Arcade Marco Castillo

Aww yeah!!!

Aracde Classic Matt Buchholz GO MATT!!!

oh no not again?? EM Aracde Chris Newsom

yeah pinball Pete talks the talk

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