2010 Expo OCT 8th & OCT 9th
Friday 6pm to 2am * Saturday 10am to 2am ALL AGES Share
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Arcade Expo ARCADE Tourney Info

Arcade Expo Pinball, Arcade& Console Tournaments!
Tournament Format
New for this year we are adding additional cash prizes for our tournaments. The Pinball Wizard tournament will start at $100 and increase with a percentage of the entry fees throughout the weekend. We're adding a top qualifier prize of $50 this year along with cash prizes for winning the 90's, 80's and EM pinball tourney's of $25.00.

The Arcade & Console tourney prize starts at $50 and will also increase like the Pinball Wizard tourney.

These are in addition to the trophies and WPPR points awarded.

Two plays for $5.00

Raw score determines ranking

Any tournament made be entered as often as you like

The four winners of the TRON Arcade tourneys will compete for the title of Arcade Wizard 2010. Each contestant will play two games with the best game being ranked by raw score. Points are awarded for the order of finish. A tie will result in a single elimination playoff.

The top 4 scores on the Arcade game qualify for a single elimination playoff based on raw score.

Tron Tourney Winner will recieve cash and Trophy
Trophies awarded for Ms Pacman winner and runner up Tron and Ms Pacman finishes.

2010 Tournament Schedule
All Tournaments are 2 plays for $5.00

All times are approximate. Games are subject to availability and proper operation. Winners of the cash prize tourneys will be announced at 9:00pm Saturday and cash prize value announced throughout the show.
The Arcade Wizard playoffs are the winners of the individual tourneys and they will play a best of two games on each of the contest games Round Robin to determine this year's Arcade Wizard! Sponsered by Twin Galaxies.

Friday Night: 7:00pm to Midnight


Wizard (cash) TRON
MS Pacman

Saturday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Wizard (cash) TRON
MS Pacman

5:00pm 6:00pm Dinner

6:00pm Arcade Wizard Playoff
Arcade Cash Playoffs
Presentation of Trophies 9:00 pm

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