Houston Arcae Expo 2007! Pics by Keith

Super Couple!


ooooooh he is so cute!

a StarFire is a nice play to sleep

Me and my Drinkn buddy

woah! tooo close!

Cindy and friend sipping a cocktail

Boy I played soo many games i have to sit down for this one!

Lewis saving the universe!

Sam getting his Frogger on!

a fuzzy wuzzy pic of Dan


Mr Brooks kicking some Quantum ass

the Boyz are back in town!

Mike hawthorn's kitty pinball!

Ahh from a better angle

Movin out!

Sam I Am!

just drop those at my house...

Callan Looking Manly

ahh the fun part of the show

Boy I am beat

Hawthorn's stuff waiting for a truck

Cindy ready to hit the road

just my stuff left...

Germ X don't leave home with out it

Hmm callan's stuff is stil here, mawheheh

Demo man John sold to Callan

Hey we didn't do it!

looks so lonely

Not us ether!

My god that is a long hallway!

the ghost of arcades past

Whoo Hoo! lets do it again next year!!!!!!!

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