Houston Arcae Expo 2007! Pics by Keith

Clap Clap Yes you won!

I am the Champion, my friends!

woooottt, I said you can't touch this!

Hmmmpt, when will I win?

and pinball pete steps up to the mike

a two fisted winner!

awwwyeah I am da man!

Did I win?

I did! I did win!!

Master Tim and his...

Trophy of doom!

Dad! I got Two!!

Yes indeedy

Mr Craig Hassel uses the glowing necklace of force to win!

two 4 two!

oh yeah! my book shelf will be full

Fanny Pack man wins!

Pinball has been very good to me

Ohh yes! #3


Hi again!

come on now! need to get one for Dan!

Just look cool, we know we are going to win big


ARRRGHGHGH!!! Man Win! Ear plugs good!

Aww Dan got #1!

team Spirit!

DUH! I fogot to record it!

Uhh dad, chill please...

We rock your world

Was up ladies ;) sly fox is in the house!

I would like two trophies to go please...

huh? what did you say?

thats right!

We won! (future arcade operator, note key chain on belt)

hey baby, I think I need a bigger fanny pack ;)

haza wa?

ohh yeah I kick your &*($&*$&*$

and the greats of all time!

Robert is da man!!

OMG 4 of them whew!

oh, did I say I rock? (OMG he won again!)

heheh My trophy is bigger than my husband's!

# 3 for me!

5 stay Alive!!

and yeah I am the all time winner!

We are indeed the champions! thanks again everyone!

shot 2

shot #3

Mr Hawthorn wins! bathroom reading and music to go by

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