Hmmm I wanna White Water now....

Founder & Chief Crazy Man Keith. So ends Friday Night! We kicked out everyone and played until 3:30!

Sweet! Haven't play this game in years!

One of John Costa's Girls taking a break for a photo Opp

Wait is that Elvis?

No, but almost as cool... It's James Moniter!

Even Ballet dancers came out to play!

Richard Patz stopped by to get some silver ball in

The Sticker guys, Awesome stuff!

Dwayne trying to be smooth "If I can eat this last dot I know I will score!"

MMMMMMM Finger Licking good!

John A. chilling after a ton of work!

Ms Pac & sign-in table

Powered By EMPEG!

Notice how it glows, Yes it is THAT cool!

Door Prize winner

Door Prize!

The trophy's arrive Saturday

James "Elvis" Montier running the tourney

yes I won the race!

Whew, it's hard work maning the front desk!

Matt Jamming on Sinistar

All Ages love the classics!

Keith's Tempest saw tons of play

Some of the Rudz Crew jamming on the oldies

Brothers unite!

Callan and Wife Paula

Jayhova 4x4

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