Cindy and her friend chilling at Brewski's the cool Holiday Inn Bar!

The Fitz crew on the Guantlet Action!

Jermey, Andy & Amos!

John's Wife Keeping the Tourney goin'

Credit it up!

Ahh, Jermey checks out the Quake Arcade Tournement Edtion Prototype!

Ooooooo Yeah!

I see Colors...

Setting the mood

Night Shot

John taking care of the buisness

Door Prizes!

EM Land uncovered

This was very cool game! I am glad Dan brought it

I and going to get a wedge head for the game room soon, these are too cool

Th Fitz Bros Saying Hola!

Woooaahhh Dude... like where am I?

the sexy men of pinball :)

Callan & Bro selling!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! We sold out the Bar!


The Pinball Groupie, She has been touring the shows this year.

I have been following Dwayne, The video rock star.

Hey Hey Hey!

LOL, lets get the game on!

Man Dan tears up the pinball so much he smokes the machines!

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