2002 Houston Arcade Arcade Group Expo at Fitzgeralds in the Heights!

Dean improving his driving skillz

Got Drink?

Jerry and wife show up!

Hey this slot only gives out Callan's Biz cards! Show us the money!


Damien showing us his metal pride!

Some pretty girl who I think was a bit ruffled with all the nerds, but was very photogenic!

Greetings, you look like you need a drink!

Bernie & Yoli

The competition is fierce on stage!

Cindy shows John how much space is left in thier house after his last bulk buy!

John say's "Just enough room to put an Addams Family pin in the Bathroom!

COOL! They give the sign of Metal as they are still on the hunt for an AF!

ah ah ah Stayin Alive...

A man who brough his comb for the track and field

Dean Jammin on the Stargate!

Henry with that expo grin!

We are family!, all my bros, sisters & me!

The fans doing the wave!

Peace & Arcade games

Bow down to the TRON!

the Handsome Darrel helps with the tourney

Keith & Wifey Tina says HI!

Tina modeling with the Revenge!

Are you man enought to play the tourney??

Special thanks to the tourney volunteers, they partied and did a great job!

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting!

What! John playing a Vid!!!

THE WINNER IS....Paul Gregory! he won Both the pinball & Vid tourney!

This is how I was seeing about this time (1:30 am) after working almost 24 hours straight!

Chris & Tim stop for the photo-op

Pac man Fever!

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