2002 Houston Arcade Arcade Group Expo at Fitzgeralds in the Heights!

Callan Sobs over his dead Omega Race

Callan Gloating over it Space theme slot from the Hilton in Las Vegas!

Keith & Callan getting thier buzz on :)

Shawn trying (has not done it yet) to beat Dragons Lair

The corner of KISS, High speed & choplifter (to the left)

Hidden shot of the time machine that trasported everyone back to the 80's

OMG! is this the gold mine in sharpstown mall???

Brad & Micheal kicking back by the bar!

Robert "I got a tron" Williams looking constipated

Justin & his pretty date!

Tom Bass, Mike (old school fitz bartender) & the owner Sara

Rad Richard from the early punk rock days reliving his youth

Every pinball that night felt "the love"

Dan showing us how it is really done!

TOM action shot!

Christopher Wolf & James taking it all in

Arlyn & Family having a blast

Tim & James having a Brewsky

Jermey from engine room has that gameroom grin :)

Dave's nice Indy is the next to go :(

Nice row of Callan's Vids

Oh my God, I have not seen that game in 20 years!!

Tina, Keith & Kathy having a blast!

Working at the car wash...

Tempest is always a crowd pleaser!

Catfish and wife!

Havin- a blast!

Stargate brings out the best in people!

Callan & Keith and the Lazer Rage crew actin' up

Keith depressed after being up until 4am trying to fix his Varkon :(

Craig & Dan Chilling at the pacman

My favorite video game is mappy! :)

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