HAAG Party at Dan's Pinball Museum! 08/07/04

Everybody relaxing at Dan's Pinball Museum


Pure pinball action!

and Callan says, "Did you hear about what the plunger said to the pinball?"

Jon Christian accepts this beer for being the HAAG expo pinball champ for 2 years running!

Hi my name is pinballpete and pinball has been beery beery good to me...

John & Gary Lou chatting out side

Gary, Dan & Benny's head

John Costa giving his fans his "game face"

Everyone has a good laugh with John

Callan wanna cracker?

Dear I told you already do not feed the animals!

Jon discusses his plans to dominate at the texas pinball expo in november.

John strikes a pose for the camera


the Happy Couples of pinball

Round table discussion of past events

John & Cindy relaxin'


Jon & Fred talk shop

no no it's not me that said that

Dan's got the connection with the stars!


Wait Wait there is like five b36 balls!



B16! B16!

Callan STOP!!!! thats not the TOLIET!!

Oh Sorry... my bad hic-up My Hic-up Dr Pepper sure Hic-up Tastes funny!

The Game of the evening, (you can here Callan in the back ground pleading Dan to sell or trade something for this)

OK Callan, I'll take your truck, two DMD pinballs & your Aztrac (as Callan stands transfix at the atomic bomber game)

Guys I think that pinball just moved, is the place haunted?

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