HAAG Party at Dan's Pinball Museum! 08/07/04

Yes Cindy, once back in the 70's there was a pinball massacre here. The restaurant that once was here had a game room full of em pinballs. One day a mad biker by the name of Red Bone lost one too many games on the pins and then preceded to smash all the pinballs. It was a horrific site. So, it is said that the spirits of those pinballs still roam these grounds.....

Elevator goin' up!

Crank it up!

Safty check


I am flying!



Quick grab Keith the motor is burning out!

Ahhh Made it! The vault of the playfields

I have my parts stash up here

Coin Doors Deluxe

Bodies of pinballs stacked like cordwood...

Got to have 'em

He's got Legs, he knows how to use them...

Ahh, Bill Davis can fix it noo problem!


Are you sure this will work Dan?

Yeah, I got the wench off of one of my grandchilderns play jeeps!

All well, ROCK N ROLL!!

Dave Christensen


Ugh, me play pinball

You have to play this pinball, it is HUGE!

Good night everyone!

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