2008 Houston Arcade Expo pictures by Keith

Wait, I need one of these in my bathroom!

see honey, this is how my brain looks

the Great Paula and the Trophies of DOOM!!!

yes there was a line to get to play the Tardus!

some heated 2600 action!

aww honey look what I won!

I am the Green Lantern!

Dad & Son outing!

Joe is going to play some Tetris!

Big Bruno and his Peanuts tie!

Hmm I can color it and add it to my origional art collection! exclaims manchimp42

I am going to kick your #^$@^#$ Vader!

hell yeah we going get our warlords on tonight!

heheh I sunk your battle ship!

I AM the Batman!

warm and fuzzyness

Marcus getting his EM game on

Callan relaxin' after a har daze work

John and I crackin up with Callzilla

Anyone seen Cal? yeah he is on the couch

I betcha I can ride the smoke bubble machine like a horse!

see, come over little filly

Gitty Up!

YEEEE HAAAWWWW ride 'em cowboy!

STOP Do not even look at this rebel training machine...

Hmm lets see if we can gain some sercrets

Hey you, rebel scum don't you even look at me

gonna get some high speed on

Hey rebel scum, move over I want to kill some aliens

You do not want to play this machine, "I do not want to play this macine", move on to the next one, "I will move on to the next one"

Yeah I wanted to play Dr Dude! thats right... errr I think

Jason and family try to get a quick game in before the Storm Troopers show up

BUSTED!, down to the detention center with you rebel!

hey, get your camera out of here before I drag you down to

the wizard knows...

Chirs getting hus butt kicked by an 8 yer old

Oops! Wrong planet, quick Rose get us out of here!

Callan explaining how to fix a monitor

So, what is the distance from the flex capacitor to the jefries tube?

one nanometer :)

Dang Ghosts, all ways get me....

ahh they are blue now! take that damn rebal ghosts!!!

the truck of doom!

An out of focus Dad of Keith approves!

Champ is written all over her face!

Jon is Glowing in Awesomeness!

Matt's trophy is posessed with the red light of the pinball gods

My Awesomeness has blurred your camera

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